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Five Common Problems With Parenting Plans and How to Address Them

A woman wearing glasses sitting at a kitchen table wit her daughter looking at a laptop, representing how one can benefit from calling a Chicago child time-sharing attorney.

Parenting plans dictate arrangements regarding the care and custody of children in cases where a couple is divorced or otherwise no longer together. Negotiated through Illinois child time-sharing proceedings, parenting plans aim at protecting the child’s best interests while encouraging both parties to remain active and involved in their lives. However, in order for a parenting plan to be successful, it requires the cooperation of both parties. The following are five common problems that are likely to arise, as well as information on how to address them. 

Common Issues in Parenting Plans

In child custody cases, the Illinois Statutes require that parenting responsibilities be allocated between the mother and the father. This is done through the use of parenting plans, which may be negotiated through your attorney. Once a parenting plan is agreed upon, it is submitted to the judge in your case so that a final order may be issued.  

An Illinois parenting plan details the amount of time the child spends in each parent’s home, arrangements for transferring them between both parties, and plans regarding holidays, school breaks, and special occasions. Problems often arise when one of the parents fails to hold up his or her end of the agreement. Among the most common include: 

  • Being late for drop-offs/pick-ups. Unexpected circumstances, such as heavy traffic, can cause a parent to be late. When it happens on a regular basis, it indicates underlying hostility and a lack of regard for the other parent’s time.
  • Canceling visitation without notice. Again, unexpected circumstances may occasionally require a change of plans, but routinely canceling visitation without notice wreaks havoc on your schedule and has a negative impact on your child. 
  • Undermining your authority. When the other parent bad mouths you to the child or flaunts rules regarding their activities or behavior, it undermines your parental authority. 
  • Engaging in behavior/activities you consider unsafe. Engaging in unsafe behaviors, such as criminal conduct, excessive alcohol use, or allowing the child to participate in dangerous activities are all serious issues that need to be addressed. 
  • Not returning the child on the appropriate day. Failure to return your child is something that needs to be addressed immediately with law enforcement and your child custody attorney.

Find Out How Our Chicago Child Time Sharing Attorneys Can Help You

When the other party fails to adhere to parenting plans put in place by the court, they could face legal actions, including loss of parenting rights. At the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group, we help you enforce these plans and request modifications as needed. To discuss your case, contact our Chicago child time-sharing attorneys to request a consultation today. 

There are many factors to consider when contemplating divorce, and a pre-divorce planning session can help you begin to plan for a divorce. Please contact the professionals at the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group by calling (312) 585-6604 or clicking here to schedule a consultation.