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Child Support Calculator

Illinois Child Support Calculator

One of the top questions that divorcing parents have is about child support, and whether or not one parent will be ordered to make support payments to the other parent to assist in providing for their children.

To help provide a general idea of how child support is awarded in Illinois, we’ve created this easy-to-use child support calculator. By entering a few details about your parenting time allocation and each spouse’s monthly income, you can see an approximate amount that could be awarded in your case. Please keep in mind, there are many factors that can impact child support awards that are not included in this estimate, and the totals shown may not be accurate for your particular situation.

For a complete assessment of the factors in your divorce and financial situation which could impact the amount of child support you will receive or pay, contact our Chicago divorce attorneys to schedule a free case evaluation.

Illinois Child Support Calculator

Parent with majority physical custody: must be between 183 and 365.
ⓘ Common Child Custody Arrangements:
  • 50/50: 183
  • 60/40: 219
  • 70/30: 274
  • 80/20: 292
  • 4-3 schedule: 208

Gross Monthly Income

(Parent with majority physical custody)

Estimated Child Support Obligation

Factors that Can Impact Your Child Support Award

The number of children, number of overnights per year, and each spouse’s income are common factors in almost every child support case.

Other factors can include:

Alimony (also known as spousal support)
• Support paid for children of another relationship
• Healthcare costs
• Childcare costs

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