Woodridge Family Law Attorneys

Woodridge Family Law Attorneys

Woodridge Family Law Attorneys

Father and little daughter play at skyFamily law is the area of law that deals with anything related to marriage and family. This includes divorces, prenuptial agreements, annulments, and any issues related to raising children like child support, parenting plans, and adoptions.

Our team understands the unique issues that can arise in a family law case and works hard to ensure that every client’s rights are protected. If you are facing one of the following case types, our team can provide you with the experienced legal counsel and representation you need. Our team works with individuals leaving and managing heterosexual as well as same-sex relationships.


A divorce can be a relatively simple process or it can be complex, taking months or longer to finalize. The complexity of your divorce depends on a few issues, such as your ability to work amicably with your spouse, whether you have minor children, and the size of your marital estate.

Child-related Issues

If you have one or more minor children, issues like child support and a parenting plan will be part of your divorce. They can also be present if you were never married to your child’s other parent. Our team works with parents facing the following issues:

  • Establishing a parenting plan;
  • Modifying or enforcing a parenting plan;
  • Establishing a child support order;
  • Modifying or enforcing a child support order; and
  • Establishing a child’s parentage.

Prenuptial Agreements and Pre-divorce Planning

One of the unique services we offer is pre-divorce planning. When we meet with a client for pre-divorce planning, we examine all relevant facts about his or her marriage and assets to determine how he or she can protect his or her interests in a divorce and prepare for the divorce process. We work with clients to develop realistic expectations for the divorce process and take steps that can make it less stressful.

We also draft prenuptial agreements for clients who want to outline how their finances will be handled during their marriages and how their assets will be divided in the event of their divorce or one partner’s death.

Our Firm’s Unique Mission and Strengths

Although our name is Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group, we work with women and men who are facing family law issues. We understand the different social realities women and men face and tailor our representation to the client’s individual needs.

Our team also includes a few business and corporate lawyers who draw upon this experience to work with small business owners and individuals with business interests who are working through divorces. A business or business interest obtained or developed during a marriage is a marital asset, and we work to ensure that they are divided equitably under Illinois law.

Work with an Experienced Woodridge Family Lawyer

When you are facing a family law issue, work with an experienced family lawyer who can ensure that your rights are protected and your interests are promoted. Schedule your free legal consultation with our team at Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group today to learn more about the divorce process or how to handle another type of case we handle.

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