Oak Brook Divorce Lawyer

Oak Brook Divorce Lawyer

Oak Brook Divorce Lawyer

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A divorce can bring on significant emotional and financial stress. Moreover, the outcome of your divorce case will resonate in the lives of you and your children for years to come, so it is critical that you protect your rights throughout the process. Divorce can be overwhelming, and it is easy to lose sight of some very important basics. Work closely with an experienced Oak Brook divorce lawyer to help ensure that your case is resolved in a manner that protects your best interests. 

Your Oak Brook Divorce Lawyer Will Ensure that You Understand the Divorce Process

Divorce is complicated, and there’s much to consider throughout the process. Our knowledgeable divorce lawyers will help you understand what you need to know every step of the way and will work carefully with you in determining what is best for you and your children. Every divorce is unique to the people and circumstances involved, and better understanding the divorce process will help you find your best path forward.

You and Your Children: Your Parenting Plan

The major components of nearly every divorce are child custody arrangements (including child support), the division of marital property, and potential spousal support orders. Your children are often the top priority in a divorce, and you will need to determine how you will divide child custody, also known in Illinois as the allocation of parenting time and responsibility. 

Instead of viewing child custody as a black-and-white issue, Illinois views the matter on a continuum that involves shared rights between parents whenever possible. As such, divorcing couples create a parenting plan that delineates who is responsible for the child’s custody on specific days and who makes important decisions in the child’s life at specific times. 

Your Marital Property

The division of marital property, including a family home, is also a primary issue in every divorce case. Illinois is an equitable division state, which means that the court’s goal is to divide your marital assets and debts in a manner that is fair rather than exactly equal. While the court does not take fault into consideration in this process, there are several factors that can play an important role, such as:

  • The contributions that each of you made to your marital property
  • The hiding or wasting of assets by either one of you 
  • Your individual assets
  • The length of your marriage
  • Your individual economic circumstances
  • The relevance of any prior marriages (the payment of child support and alimony, for example)
  • The existence of a prenuptial agreement (or another kind of legal agreement) between spouses
  • Other unique circumstances of your divorce

Your dedicated Oak Brook divorce attorney will work closely with you to ensure that your personal circumstances are adequately addressed in property division determinations. 

If You are Facing Divorce, Consult with a Skilled Oak Brook Divorce Lawyer Today

Divorce is never easy, but the experienced legal team at Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group in Oak Brook, Illinois, is here to help. Our dedicated divorce attorneys have the skill, knowledge, and commitment to aggressively advocate for you and your rights. For more information, please contact us today. 

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