Logan Square Divorce Lawyer

Logan Square Divorce Lawyer

Logan Square Divorce Lawyer

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Going through a divorce in Logan Square can bring about dramatic changes in your life. To protect yourself, you need someone you trust acting as a strong legal ally on your side. At Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group, we provide the professional legal representation you can count on in this situation. Our nationally acclaimed Logan Square divorce lawyers have decades’ worth of experience and can help you get the most successful outcome possible in your divorce case. 

How Our Logan Square Divorce Attorneys Can Help You

Amidst all the familiar neighbors and families, going through a divorce in Logan Square can be an isolating experience. During this difficult time, decisions you make can impact you for years into the future. 

At Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group, we provide the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need. Our experienced Logan Square divorce lawyer helps you deal with practical matters that need to be addressed under the Illinois Statutes to obtain a final divorce order, allowing you time to focus on yourself and your children. Areas we address include: 

  • Equitable distribution of marital property, assets, and debts;
  • Spousal support, in cases where you make less than your spouse or sacrificed your own career or education for the sake of the marriage;
  • Child custody, child support, and parenting plans;
  • Allegations of domestic violence or marital misconduct, such as adultery and addictions;
  • Pre or post-marital agreements;
  • Any additional problems that may arise in your Logan Square divorce case.    

Get Our Legal Team on Your Side

At Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group, we have an award-winning team of attorneys ready to protect your rights and best interests in Logan County divorce proceedings. Featured in magazines such as O, The Oprah Magazine and Elle, you can count on us to take the legal actions needed while keeping you well-informed throughout the process. 

Our Logan Square divorce lawyer has the legal experience and expertise needed to help you get the best possible results in any final settlements or divorce orders issued through the Cook County Court. Efforts we take on your behalf include:  

  • Drafting and filing your divorce petition;
  • Responding to any legal summons’ received from your spouse;
  • Advising you on your rights regarding divorce-related matters;
  • Appearing by your side at hearings;
  • Negotiating on your behalf with your spouse and their attorney;
  • Making sure any final orders issued by the courts are properly enforced.  

Contact Our Logan Square Divorce Lawyer Today to Request a Consultation

Decisions made during a divorce can impact you for years to come. To protect your rights and to get the most successful result in your divorce order, reach out to Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group. Call or contact our Logan Square divorce lawyer online today to request a consultation. 

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