Lisle Parenting Time Attorneys

Lisle Parenting Time Attorneys

Lisle Parenting Time Attorneys

A small boy and girl hugging their dad representing the help he got from Lisle parenting time attorneys.When couples divorce or are otherwise no longer living together, plans regarding their children often become one of the most hotly contested issues. The amount of parenting time you receive through a court order could influence your relationship with your child for years to come. To protect both your rights as a parent and your child’s overall well-being, get our Lisle parenting time attorneys on your side.

As a nationally recognized family law firm featured in magazines such as O, The Oprah Magazine, and Elle, the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group is here to provide the trusted legal representation you need. To ensure parenting time plans are in the best interests of you and your child, contact our legal team today.

Our Lisle Parenting Time Attorneys Protect Your Rights

When parents are unmarried or in the process of getting a divorce, the Illinois Statutes generally encourage parenting plans that allow both parties to stay active and involved in the child’s life. 

At the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group, our Lisle parenting time attorneys protect your rights in related legal proceedings. Factors a judge is likely to consider in awarding parenting time in your case include: 

  • Each parent’s current and prior relationship with the child;
  • Each parent’s proven ability to meet the child needs;
  • Each parent’s willingness to cooperate with the other in sharing parenting time;
  • Allegations of criminal behavior, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, or other issues that could put the child at risk. 

Creating a Parenting Plan That Works for You

For our Lisle parenting time attorneys, protecting your rights as a parent and your child’s well-being is our top priority. As one of the top family law firms in the Chicago area, the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group provide aggressive legal representation to ensure your parenting plan works for your situation and meets both your and your child’s needs. Issues that are typically addressed in Illinois parenting plans include: 

  • Whether the parents will share custody or if one parent will be the primary custodian;
  • The amount of time the child spends in each parents home during the week;
  • Rights regarding weekend visits and overnight stays;
  • Arrangements for school breaks, holidays, birthdays, and other special arrangements;
  • Legal authority in making decisions on behalf of the child;
  • How potential disputes will be handled. 

Let The Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group Help You

When it comes to parenting time arrangements for your child, the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group provides the professional legal representation you need. Contact our Lisle parenting time attorneys to request a consultation today. 

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