Lisle Parenting Time Attorney

Lisle Parenting Time Attorney

Lisle Parenting Time Attorney

Our Lisle parenting time attorney provides trusted legal guidance to protect your rights and your relationship with your children.

Protecting your rights as a parent and your relationship with your children is a top priority in legal proceedings. Agreements made and orders issued by the Illinois Courts can negatively affect your family for years after. To get the best possible outcome in your case, get the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group on your side.  

Our Lisle parenting time attorney acts as a strong legal advocate on your side, providing the trusted legal guidance and professional representation you need. Do not take chances when it comes to your parental rights or the well-being of your children. Call or contact us online and request a consultation to discuss your case today. 

Our Lisle Parenting Time Attorney Protects Your Rights

Parenting time plans are generally encouraged under the Illinois Statutes in cases of divorce or unmarried parents. These dictate your parental rights and responsibilities when it comes to spending time with your child, addressing important areas such as custody, visitation, and who is entitled to make legal decisions on the child’s behalf. 

While courts typically aim to ensure that any parenting time arrangements allow both parents to remain active and involved in the child’s life, numerous factors need to be considered in each situation: 

  • Each parent’s current and prior relationship with the child;
  • Their proven ability to meet the child’s needs;
  • Their willingness to cooperate with the other parent in implementing parenting time plans;
  • Any issues, such as allegations of abuse or addiction, that could put the other parent or the child in jeopardy. 

At the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group, our Lisle parenting time attorney will review all the details surrounding your particular case and take the actions needed to ensure you and your child are protected. 

Get Our Lisle Parenting Time Attorney on Your Side

Once a parenting time order is issued through the DuPage County Family Court, both parties are obligated to follow it. As making modifications at a later date often proves challenging, it is important to get it right the first time. To protect yourself and your relationship with your child, get the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group on your side. Actions we can take on your behalf include the following: 

  • Reviewing your case and advising you on how the law applies;
  • Drafting and filing the required legal documents;
  • Negotiating parenting time with others involved;
  • Appearing by your side and making strong arguments in your favor at court hearings;
  • Making sure final parenting time orders in Illinois are properly enforced.   

Request a Consultation Today

Named as one of the 10 Best Family Law Firms by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group provides caring support and trusted guidance in legal matters impacting your family. To request a consultation with our Isle parenting time attorney, call or contact our office online today. 

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