Glencoe Divorce Lawyer

Glencoe Divorce Lawyer

Glencoe Divorce Lawyer

Upset couple sitting on a couch representing how our Glencoe divorce lawyer can assist you with every aspect of divorceFew things can match the stress of going through marital problems. Electing to separate from your spouse or to file for divorce is a major decision that can have major implications in other areas of your life. To ensure your rights and best interests are protected during this time, get the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group on your side. Designated by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys as one of the Best Family Law Firms in the area and featured in several national magazines, our Glencoe divorce lawyers provide experienced legal representation you can count on to guide you through every aspect of your divorce case.

Trusted Guidance From Our Glencoe Divorce Lawyers

Even when couples have only been married a short time or agree on certain issues, the process of filing for divorce can be complex. Making sense of the situation or being clear on what is required can prove challenging, particularly when you are also dealing with the stress, sadness, and anxiety caused by your marital problems. At the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group, we provide the caring support and professional representation you need during this difficult time.

One of the first steps you should take if you are separated from your spouse or considering ending your marriage is to consult with our Glencoe divorce lawyers right away. We can help guide you through the divorce process, which typically includes:

  • Pre-divorce planning, such as discussing assets you possess, children of the marriage, and other issues that can impact divorce proceedings;
  • Drafting your divorce petition, which will be submitted to the Cook County Court;
  • Responding to legal documents served on you by your spouse;
  • Representing you in hearings and negotiations;
  • Reviewing any final orders issued in your case.  

Protecting Your Rights in Divorce

Before a judge can issue a final divorce order in your case, the Illinois Statutes dictate that there are certain issues that must be resolved. At the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group, our Glencoe divorce lawyer can help protect and defend your rights when it comes to the following:

  • Marital property and asset division;
  • Awards of spousal support or alimony;
  • Proceedings concerning child time-sharing arrangements;
  • Any child support orders issued in your case.

We provide the aggressive representation you need in these proceedings, gathering the evidence necessary to help you get the most successful outcome in your case.

Contact The Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group

When making the difficult decision to file for divorce, the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group provides the trusted guidance you need while making sure your rights are protected. To request a consultation, call or contact our Glencoe divorce lawyer online today.

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