Family Law Attorney Near Me

Family Law Attorney Near Me

Family Law Attorney Near Me

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Family-related legal matters can be highly stressful, and you will undoubtedly have immense concerns about the future of you and your children. While it’s impossible to predict the exact outcome of your unique family law case, working closely with an experienced family law attorney near you in the Chicago area will help protect you and your children’s best interests throughout the legal process and beyond. 

Finding the Right Family Law Attorney Near Me

Divorce and other family law cases can be overwhelming, and if you are in the middle of a case, you might wonder: How can I find the right family law attorney near me? There are several important factors to take into consideration:

  • Work with an attorney with whom you feel comfortable sharing the details of your life and marriage
  • Work with an attorney with whom you have rapport and in whom you trust
  • Work with an attorney who takes the time to carefully answer all of your questions and who is available to you

Finding the right attorney is likely critical to the outcome of your case, so take the time to find a good fit for you.

Divorce, Children, and Parenting Plans in Illinois

Your children should be a top priority, and obtaining a parenting plan that addresses all of your concerns is critical in a divorce or child custody determination. Your parenting plan will delineate exactly when each of you will spend time with your children and which of you will be responsible for the important decisions in your children’s lives. Such decisions include their education, their religious upbringings, their extracurricular activities, and their healthcare. Often, both parents share responsibility in these important categories, but the responsibilities may be granted solely to one of you in certain situations.

The details of your parenting plan will directly impact your future with your children, so always work closely with a knowledgeable family law attorney near you to help ensure that your rights are well-protected. 

Dividing Your Marital Property 

In addition to child custody and support orders, the division of your marital property is a critical determination that can impact your future. The State of Illinois is an equitable division state, which means the goal in a divorce is to make an equitable distribution – and not necessarily an equal distribution – of your marital property. In the process, several factors come into play:

  • The respective contributions and earnings of each spouse
  • The separate property of each spouse
  • Whether your spouse attempted or succeeded at wasting marital property
  • The number of years you were married
  • Any existing support obligations
  • Whether you had a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement
  • Any other relevant circumstances or factors

If You Need Assistance, Consult with an Experienced Family Law Attorney Near You

The path toward resolving family law matters is often overwhelming, and the results will significantly affect your life. The compassionate family law attorneys at Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group in the Chicago area are dedicated to helping you. For more information, please contact us today.

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