Divorce Lawyers Glenview

Divorce Lawyers Glenview

Divorce Lawyers Glenview

A man and woman contemplating separation and needing guidance with Divorce Lawyers Glenview.

Decisions made during divorce can impact every area of your life. To protect yourself, get the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group on your side. Our divorce lawyers in Glenview provide the trusted legal guidance you need. Our top family law firm will look out for you and help ensure your rights and best interests are protected.

Professional Legal Representation From Divorce Lawyers in Glenview

Constant fighting, marital misconduct, or simply growing apart over the years can cause you to reach your breaking point, making a divorce the only viable option. When getting a divorce in Glenview, you will need to file a petition through the Cook County Courts and attend various hearings and negotiations. The outcome of these can impact you for years after. 

At the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group, we provide the professional legal representation you need. Our divorce lawyers in Glenview can help resolve the following issues while ensuring your rights are protected: 

  • Division of marital property and assets, which includes items such as your home, cars, personal and household belongings, financial accounts, and retirement benefits;
  • Spousal support and maintenance, which you may be entitled to if you made significantly less than your spouse or sacrificed your own career for the sake of the marriage;
  • Child custody and support, which protects your relationship with your children while ensuring they are provided for;
  • Enforcement efforts, which are often required when a former spouse fails to comply with divorce orders issued.  

Cases Our Divorce Lawyers in Glenview Represent

At the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group, our divorce lawyers in Glenview have extensive knowledge of the Illinois Statutes and how they apply in various situations. Cases we represent include: 

  • Simplified divorce, in which both parties agree to the terms;
  • Contested divorce, involving disputes over property, assets, and children;
  • High asset divorce and divorces involving business owners;
  • Divorces in which domestic violence or other types of marital conduct is an issue;
  • Divorce cases involving pre- or postnuptial agreements. 

In these and other types of divorce proceedings, we can file the appropriate legal documents with the court while defending your rights in divorce-related hearings and making strong legal arguments before the judge. Our number one goal is protecting your best interests and making sure you get what you are entitled to in any resulting settlements or orders issued. 

Get Our Divorce Lawyers on Your Side

If you are facing the breakup of a marriage and the prospect of divorce, get the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group on your side. Call or contact our divorce lawyer in Glenview online and request a consultation today. 

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