Cook County Child Custody Modification Lawyer

Cook County Child Custody Modification Lawyer

Cook County Child Custody Modification Lawyer

mother and daughter happy together after their child custody modification with top divorce lawyer in Cook County.

Issues related to child custody orders are among the most contentious dealt with in the Illinois family court. Once an order is in place, there are serious penalties you could incur for violating it. However, there are circumstances in which a custody order may be changed or modified. In these situations, the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group is here to help.

As one of the best family law firms in the Chicago area, our Cook County child custody modification lawyers act as your strong legal advocates. In cases in which the child is in some type of jeopardy or some other unforeseen changes have occurred, we can intervene in protecting their best interests and your rights as a parent.

Modifying a Child Custody Order in Cook County

In cases involving unmarried parents or those going through a divorce, child custody matters are handled through the Cook County court. When issuing a child custody order, the judge in your case will consider numerous factors, such as the parents’ current and previous relationship with the child, their ability to provide for the child’s needs, their willingness to cooperate with the other parent, and the child’s best interests.

At the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group, we know that situations can arise that require orders to be changed. As Cook County child custody modification lawyers, we can take the following actions on your behalf:

  • File a request for a modification;
  • Gather evidence to support any changes you request;
  • Appear on your behalf at hearings;
  • Make effective arguments before the judge in your case.

Protecting Your Rights in Cook County Child Support Modifications

Our experienced Cook County child support modification lawyers can review the circumstances in your case to determine whether modifications are needed. Under the Illinois Compiled Statutes (750 ILCS 5/517), there must be a substantial change in circumstances to warrant this type of action. You may have the right to request a modification in the following situations:

  • The other parent refuses to comply with the existing order;
  • One of the parties is relocating;
  • New evidence or information is uncovered;
  • A mistake was made in the previous ruling;
  • Current circumstances now put the child in jeopardy.

Our Cook County Child Custody Modification Lawyers are on Your Side

When you have concerns about your rights as a parent or the well-being of your child, the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group is a strong legal advocate for you. To request a free consultation to discuss your situation, reach out and contact our Cook County child custody modification lawyers today.  

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