Child Custody Attorney Near Me

Child Custody Attorney Near Me

Child Custody Attorney Near Me

A mother with her daughter driving in car in need of a good Child custody lawyer near me.

For parents, legal issues regarding children are a serious matter. If you are involved in a child custody dispute, you may be asking yourself, “How do I find a child custody attorney near me?” At Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group, we have a proven track record of success in child custody matters. We are dedicated to ensuring your relationship with your child and your rights as a parent are protected. 

Why You Need a Child Custody Attorney

Raising children is a challenge. You and the other parent may not always see eye to eye when it comes to how they are brought up or the best way to deal with various issues that arise over the years. For single parents and those who are divorced, disagreements can be even more challenging and contentious. To protect yourself and your child, it is important to have a formal child custody order in place. 

At the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group, we guide you through these proceedings, acting as a strong legal advocate on your side. As experienced Illinois child custody attorneys, we can help you create a parenting plan, which will be submitted to the court. This provides details regarding the following: 

  • The amount of time the child spends in each parent’s home;
  • Arrangements regarding holidays, school breaks, and other special occasions;
  • Arrangements regarding pick-up/drop-off times and locations;
  • Guidelines for handling disputes that arise;
  • Legal authority in making important decisions concerning matters such as your child’s education, health care, or religious upbringing. 

How do I Find a Child Custody Attorney Near Me?

Child custody proceedings help to protect your rights as a parent and help to determine the role both you and the other party involved will play in your child’s life. Judges make decisions in these matters based on the guidelines listed under the Illinois Statutes. Look for a child custody attorney in your attorney that has extensive knowledge in these statutes and how they are likely to apply in your case. Other qualities to look for include: 

  • A hands-on, personalized approach in dealing with clients;
  • Excellent support services, to answer questions and keep you up to date on progress;
  • Respected members of the legal community, familiar with personnel and processes in local courts;
  • A proven track record of success in handling child custody cases throughout Illinois. 

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“Is there a child custody attorney near me who I can trust?” If you have been asking yourself this question, look no further. At Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group, we are a nationally recognized, award-winning law firm that is dedicated to defending the rights of our clients. To discuss how we can help you, contact our Illinois child custody attorney and request a consultation. 

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