Child Custody Attorney Deerfield

Child Custody Attorney Deerfield

Child Custody Attorney Deerfield

When it comes to the care and custody of children in Cook County, you need strong, professional legal representation to defend your rights. At the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group, we have decades’ worth of experience helping clients in these cases. Nationally recognized as being one of the best family law firms and featured in magazines, such as O, The Oprah Magazine and Elle, we make sure you are protected. 

Our child custody attorney in Deerfield provides the caring support and trusted legal guidance needed to address the issues you and your family face. To discuss your options and how we can help, request a consultation today. 

Our Child Custody Attorney Deerfield Addresses Protects You and Your Family

As a parent, nothing is more important than your relationship with your children. Unfortunately, dealing with child custody issues in the Cook County Family Court could put that relationship in jeopardy. To protect your rights and your family, get the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group on your side. 

Our child custody attorney Deerfield can guide you through important issues that must be addressed in these cases. This includes: 

  • Determinations regarding primary custody or joint parenting plans;
  • The rights to overnight visits on weekends;
  • The rights to spend time with your child on holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions;
  • Extended visits during school breaks;
  • Pick up and drop off arrangements;
  • The right to legal custody, giving you the authority to make decisions regarding important matters that impact your child on their behalf. 

We Address Important Issues in Deerfield Child Custody Cases

In Cook County child custody proceedings, the judge will consider various factors in your case before approving any parenting plans or final custody orders. Under the Illinois Statutes, the primary concern is protecting your child’s safety and best interests. The Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group makes this our top priority, as well. 

Our child custody will address specific details that could impact your child’s well-being and your rights as a parent. These include: 

  • Each parent’s current and prior level of involvement with the child;
  • Each parent’s proven ability to provide the care and nurturing the child needed;
  • Their willingness to cooperate with one another in implementing parenting plans;
  • Any special needs the child has, which could be an issue in child time-sharing;
  • Accusations of drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, or other potential issues that could put the child at risk. 

Contact Our Child Custody Attorney Deerfield to Request a Consultation

When dealing with legal issues that impact your children and your rights as a parent, get the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group on your side. We provide professional legal representation to ensure your family is protected. Call or contact our child custody attorney in Deerfield online today to request a consultation. 

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