Child Custody Attorney 60609

Child Custody Attorney 60609

Child Custody Attorney 60609

Disputes over parenting issues are often stressful, draining, and difficult. Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group handles difficult parenting cases all the time, and we have seen what they put families through. If you’re facing a family law case regarding your parenting situation, you need the best child custody attorney near Chicago to guide you.  

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Technically, the State of Illinois no longer has “child custody.” In 2016, the state legislature passed the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act which changed the term officially to “allocation of parental responsibilities.”  

How Hiring a Top-Notch Child Custody Lawyer Can Actually Save You Money

Many divorcing couples who are both represented by attorneys will agree to a parenting arrangement out of court. Plus, most couples who both have lawyers will settle on some type of joint parenting arrangement if it is right under the circumstances. If you and your spouse don’t come to an agreement, that means a judge must decide your parenting arrangement. That is, of course, the last thing anyone wants due to the cost, time, and stress. However, if litigation is necessary for your parenting time case, you want the right attorney representing you in court. 

Working Dads Seeking Full Custody

Many people searching for a custody attorney near 60609 are working dads. They fear that because they have full-time jobs, the court will not favor them for custody. However, dads have the same rights as moms under the law, and their jobs should not impact their parenting rights.  About half of divorcing dads will seek custody—it is not the small minority it used to be. In fact, there are 2.5 million single fathers in the U.S. today (compared to 300,000 in the 1960s). Fathers, don’t be discouraged. If you want what you are legally entitled to – the right to be an involved, loving dad – show the court how serious you are by hiring an experienced, professional child custody attorney. 

The Child’s Wishes Might be a Factor

One unique thing about child custody in Illinois is that once a child reaches the age of 14, he or she is able to say on their own which parent they prefer to live with. A judge must still approve of the teenager’s decision, and it can be vetoed. This is a progressive policy considering a dozen or so states give no legal weight to a child’s preference at any age.   

If Your Ex Won’t Settle, How Does a Judge Determine Parenting?

A judge will look at a wide variety of factors in determining which parent will be granted rights: 

  • What will be least disruptive to the child
  • If one parent “bashes” the other in front of the child, a judge will not look favorably on that—just as abuse, neglect, a criminal record, addiction, and mental illness are also considered.
  • The extended family situation 
  • The overall quality or strength of the bond each parent has with the child.
  • Input from the guardian ad litem, caseworkers, etc
  • Parental work/school schedules, health, stability, and ability to care for all of the child’s needs

Bottom line: what’s best for the child in the long run is always the priority.

Who is the Best Child Custody Lawyer Near 60609? Find Out Today

Our experienced attorneys work with parents to ensure that their parental rights are upheld. Contact our office and see for yourself how we can work as a team to resolve your parenting case.

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