Chicago Divorce Law Firm

Chicago Divorce Law Firm

Chicago Divorce Law Firm

This wife is returning her ring to her husband, as they have just ended their marriage with the help of a Deerfield divorce lawyer.Decisions made during divorce can impact your rights to money, property, and children. At the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group, we make sure you are protected. As a leading Chicago divorce law firm, we have received numerous honors and accolades from professional groups and our peers due to our legal expertise and dedication to clients. To discuss how we can help in your case, reach out and contact our legal team today. 

Our Chicago Divorce Law Firm Provides Trusted Legal Representation

If you are separated from your spouse or contemplating getting a divorce, it is easy to feel as if you are all alone. However, the fact is that roughly 40% to 50% of all marriages end in divorce, according to the American Psychological Association (APA). While each case is as different as the couple involved, there are common issues women getting a divorce often face. 

At the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group, we have the legal knowledge and expertise to guide you through the divorce process. Our Chicago divorce law firm has a proven track record of success in helping our clients get the best possible results, both in terms of resolving their divorce quickly and in getting the maximum amount they are entitled to in any settlements. We can provide  trusted legal representation in different types of divorces, such as:  

  • ‘No-fault’ divorce;
  • Contested divorce, in which one party is guilty of marital misconduct or refuses to consent to the divorce;
  • Divorce involving children, in which child custody is a central issue;
  • High-asset divorce, involving disputes over money and property;
  • Divorce involving business owners or partners;
  • Divorce in which there are allegations of domestic abuse or other wrongdoing;
  • Divorce that is subject to pre or post-nuptial agreements.  

Get Our Legal Team on Your Side

As a top Chicago divorce law firm, the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group acts as a strong legal advocate on your side in divorce proceedings. Our legal team protects your rights and best interests in divorce-related matters, which are governed by the Illinois Statutes. These include: 

  • Division of all property and assets earned, acquired, or accumulated during your marriage;
  • Determinations regarding spousal support, otherwise known as alimony;
  • Custody and time-sharing arrangements for any children of the marriage;
  • Determinations regarding child support and enforcement efforts. 

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If you are considering divorce, request a consultation with the Women’s Divorce and Family Law Group. Call or contact our Chicago divorce law firm online today. 

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