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Chicago Child Custody Law Firm

Chicago Child Custody Law Firm

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Breakups are painful emotionally, but there are often practical aspects that must be dealt with. This is particularly true if you and your former partner have children together. While your relationship with that person may have ended, you both still have rights and responsibilities as parents. At the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group, we provide the trusted guidance you need in this situation. As a nationally recognized Chicago child custody law firm, our award-winning legal team offers personalized, professional legal representation to help you get the best possible outcome in your child custody case. 

Representing You in Chicago Child Custody Proceedings

When it comes to your children, you want what is best for them. At the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group, we share this goal. Our Chicago child custody law firm can guide you through any arrangements regarding children that must be made while making sure your rights as a parent are protected. 

In the past, these arrangements typically involved court hearings in which one parent, often the mother, would be awarded sole custody while the other got visitation. Today, Illinois courts are more in favor of parenting plans, which allow both parents to play an active and engaged role in the child’s life. This requires you and the other parent to reach agreements on the following types of issues:  

  • The amount of time the child spends in each parent’s home;
  • How holidays, school breaks, and special occasions are dealt with;
  • Legal authority for making decisions on the child’s behalf, such as pertaining to their education, health care, and religious upbringing;
  • Provisions for resolving disputes between you and the other parent and the circumstances under which you may need to return to court.  

We Help Protect Your Child and Your Rights as a Parent

Under the Illinois Statutes, if parents cannot reach an agreement on child custody issues, the judge may intervene and issue an order in the case. To protect your child and your rights as a parent, get the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group fighting on your side. As a leading Chicago child custody law firm, steps we can take on your behalf include: 

  • Thoroughly reviewing all aspects of the situation involving you, your child, and the other parent;
  • Making sure the appropriate legal documents are filed;
  • Negotiating parenting plans on your behalf;
  • Gathering evidence in your favor and representing you at hearings;
  • Making compelling arguments before the judge in your child custody case. 

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When it comes to you and your child, the Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group acts as a strong advocate to ensure you are protected. Contact our Chicago child custody law firm and request a consultation to discuss how we can assist you today.

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